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    Meet the Designers Imbuing 3D Printing Processes with a Craft Edge

    Courtesy TRAME June 9, 2022 Meet the Designers Imbuing 3D Printing Processes with a Craft Edge With work on view in London and Milan, these artists and artisans are ushering in a new wave of 3D printing with an emphasis on sustainability. By: Malaika Byng Once championed as the technology that would democratize design, giving …

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    Stratasys Envisions The Future of Fashion Through Direct-to-Textile 3D Printing

    Filippo Nassetti, architect and generative designer at Zaha Hadid Design, and Vincenzo Reale, generative designer and engineer at Arup have teamed up to design the Thalassic Mask. Courtesy Stratasys. January 20, 2022 Stratasys Envisions The Future of Fashion Through Direct-to-Textile 3D Printing With support from research platform Re-FREAM, the additive manufacturing giant …

  • Icon Vulcan 3dprintinghomes Forhomeless Austintx March2020 Photocredit Reganmortonphotography|Icon Six Homeproject Communityfirstvillage 3d Printinghomes Forhomeless Vulcanprinter Photocredit Reganmortonphotography|L1020855|L1010064|Dsc2062|28


    3D-Printing Is Speeding Up the Automation of Construction

    Icon 3D printing homes using its Vulcan printer. The Texas-based company has recently completed a community of 3D-printed homes in Mexico for families living on $3 per day and a series of homes for the homeless in Austin. Courtesy Regan Morton Photography It seems that every few months the architecture world marvels at …

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    Here are 5 Free 3D Printing Recipes Featured in Emerging Objects' New Book

    … features an array of 3D-printed objects and materials, including 3D-printed ceramic tiles that double as planters. Courtesy Matthew Millman The following excerpt was taken from Printing Architecture: Innovative Recipes for 3D Printing, written by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello of Bay Area–based Emerging Objects. The  studio focuses on innovating 3D printing

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    MIT's Self-Assembly Lab Showcases a New 3D Printing Process at Design Miami/ 2017

    … began more than a year ago. In 2016, the Lab and Swiss product designer Christophe Guberan, frequent collaborators, were approached by furniture manufacturer Steelcase about improving the 3D printing process to make it faster, cheaper, and more versatile. The team worked out an alternative technique, Rapid Liquid Printing, that created objects not in a vacuum …

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    SHoP's Design Miami Installation Marks a Leap in 3D Printing

    … Miami—inside one of the structures. Fabricated by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the bar represents another 3D-printed element and a world-record-breaking achievement. In printing the bar's countertop and curving banquettes out of a bamboo-based bioplastic, ORNL broke its own world record for largest 3D-printed object, which it held

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    American Standard's 3D-Printing Breakthrough

    … It is perhaps to remind us of the miracle of water that the design team at American Standard developed a new set of faucets, putting to use 3D-metal-printing technology. A first in the residential market, this feat marks a new phase in the company’s mission to “raise the standard” for the industry …

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    Q&A: Architect Virginia San Fratello on 3D Printing an Entire House—Walls, Floors, Cutlery, and All

    … both new and old—as part of her architectural practice with Rael San Fratello and Emerging Objects, a tech start-up that develops materials and applications for 3D printing. We spoke to San Fratello about her recent work, which ranges from playful conceptual projects to 3D-printed ceramics. Dora Vanette: Has your philosophy and approach …

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    The Mark One Takes 3D Printing to the Next Level

    3D printing at home is great if you want a Christmas-tree ornament or some other such low-capability plastic geegaw. To print anything that can actually do something—take some stress, stand up to wear and tear, bear some weight—you had to turn to more sophisticated printers that couldn’t possibly fit on …

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    GM Turns to 3D Printing for New Malibu Model

    In our April issue we asked, “What’s next for 3-D printing?”, observing that a “quiet revolution has taken place under our noses” and is growing stronger by the day. As the equipment necessary for 3-D printing gets smaller, cheaper, more widely available, and more complex, the field is opening up to new …