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    The Other Guggenheim Abu Dhabi?

    Architecture buffs who missed the opportunity to spend a night in the Guggenheim last fall may soon get a second chance—well, sort of. The winning design for Abu Dhabi's five-star Helix Hotel, by Leeser Architecture, includes a spiraling floor plate that looks like a cousin of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous snail …

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    At the Guggenheim, On Kawara Fills Wright's Rotunda with Silence

    … removed by a degree in the dimension of time as opposed to space. Indeed, Weiss relates that Kawara had long dreamed of exhibiting the “Today” series along the prescriptive plan of Wright's Guggenheim, its roundabout seriality a mute rejection of the modernist rectilinearity as the conventional container not only for art but people …

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    Will Elbphilharmonie Be Hamburg's Guggenheim?

    … terrace stroll certainly is—but for those without a press badge or concert tickets, it can be an experience tinged with missed opportunity, what with this hulking, mute iconic thing looming over you. Luckily, there are attempts to ameliorate that. The current Social Democratic municipal government, which took over the reins of the unwieldy …

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    Exhibit Creates Semi-Anechoic Experience in Middle of Guggenheim

    … 2017, could not be more timely. Doug Wheeler: PSAD Synthetic Desert III will be on view until 08/02/2017. Doug Wheeler's sketch for PSAD Synthetic Desert III, 1968. Courtesy Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum © Doug Wheeler Synthetic Desert Sound Map, 2017, a working drawing for mapping sound program in PSAD Synthetic Desert …

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    How Abstract Art Influenced Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture at the Guggenheim

    … force of subversion even more profound than what meets the eye. Formless as it is, Dal Co’s claim resonates with a unique specificity, as several contemporary art institutions might look to Wright’s monument as a progenitor of their own freely contorting buildings. Importantly, the historian stresses the significance of time in shaping …

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    Guggenheim Bilbao - 1997

    … made is changing, from stable objects to unruly, often outsize, heterogeneous experiences. In this sense container and contained are—or will be—in perfect harmony. For the Guggenheim Bilbao heralds a time when not just the physical museum but the art it contains is the spectator sport (here today and probably gone tomorrow, but boy …

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    Temple of Spirit: James Turrell Transforms Guggenheim Rotunda

    … their trek down the spiral and where they could reflect on the art they’ve seen. Turrell is not the first artist to make use of the Guggenheim rotunda itself, but what seemed a gimmick with Maurizio Catellan’s retrospective, in which the Italian artist’s works were hung from the ceiling in a …

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    Philip Johnson on Power, Modern Architecture, and the Guggenheim Bilbao

    … because it comes so easy to you, you don’t put any value on the tastemaking ability that you’ve always had. Tastemaking? I did [do] that. But again — I can’t help it, it may sound coy — I got the great push from Alfred Barr. Barr was the man of vision who saw …

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    Michael Maltzan’s Hammer Museum and the Anti-Bilbao Effect

    … platform Deaf Architecture Front.ProfilesLina Ghotmeh Connects Space and Time Through PorosityThe Lebanese-born architect’s cultural projects play on spatial porosity to weave a thread between the past and the future.

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    Philosophy on Exhibit: How Wright Brought His Biggest Ideas to the World

    … auspices of its well-organized Department of Circulating Exhibitions than any other artist. The museum curators—McAndrew, Drexler, and Johnson—immediately recognized the architectural importance of such disparate buildings as Fallingwater, SC Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower, and Taliesin and Taliesin West by selecting them for single building shows for presentation to the …