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    HKS Elevates Design through Bespoke Research

    … and values the embrace of the whole-person.” Meena Krenek is the principal, global practice director of venues interiors of HKS, and Kate Davis is the partner, global practice director of commercial interiors of HKS. Would you like to comment on this article? Send your thoughts to: [email protected] No tags selected No …

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    Can the Workplace Cure Burnout?

    … “We provide nourishment, hydration, sanitation. So bathrooms must be designed differently, prayer rooms, mothers’ rooms, all this together. It’s really a total reevaluation of how you plan for manufacturing.” Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director, Center for Brain Health, says the positive effects of this rethinking ripple outwards: “We see that when …

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    Can We Design for Happiness?

    … control to live your life to the fullest.” Anything that architects and designers can do to give people that sense of connectedness and purpose is a step forward in the pursuit of happiness. The Happiness Ecosystem Index has been developed by CallisonRTKL in partnership with consultancy Delivering Happiness and developer Mountain View as a …

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    Healthy Communities, Healthy People

    … stressed are slower to heal. There is actually an economic incentive for health facilities to want to know how to destress people. I think that’s really interesting for us to think about. How do we learn from these other industries, not in that visual superficial way, but in a really smart way?

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    5 Ways Architects and Designers are Responding to COVID-19

    … information on COVID-19 alternative healthcare sites for COVID19 ArchMap, an online research database to help catalog and share sites and healthcare facility responses. The task force is also working on a preparedness assessment tool which will include a checklist to determine whether a building can be converted into an alternative care site. Recently …

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    Upali Nanda Blends Science and Design to Connect Wellness to the Built Environment

    … positively change the world. “There are so many systemic issues we [designers] touch,” she says. “We have a direct impact on environment, occupants, and society.” The Sensory Cocoon at the Sensory Wellbeing Hub, which recently traveled to SXSW 2019. Courtesy Antonio Chicaia In her view, this insight can drive design at all scales: “Think …

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    The Workplaces of the Future Must Aim to Combat Loneliness

    … three in five Americans classify themselves as lonely. It analyzes loneliness across different regions as well as job functions. ² Erin Peavey’s full report on how architects and designers can preserve and elevate human connection through their work, Connecting IRL: How the Built Environment Can Foster Social Health, can be found here. ³ …

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    What Makes an Effective Work Ecosystem?

    … commented on the shift in power between employer and employee: “The tables have turned. Employees have been empowered by this pandemic. They have leverage over their employers.” This transition is manifesting itself in various ways. For Gray, it’s that “life doesn’t end when people come into the office. No more can employers …

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    Designing for Conscious and Purpose-Led Travel Experiences

    … going back into the community,” he explained. Invoking the COVID-19 theme, HKS’s Saenz said, “Isolation has given us time to find our values.” His HKS colleague Palmer offered a personal reflection of growing up in a “road warrior” family that was constantly driving from California to Texas. “Being in a creative field …

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    As Technology Reshapes Travel, How Can Hospitality Design Keep Up?

    … It’s the experience that you bring with you,” said Rodriguez. “We are all storytellers—we’re creating experiences for others to tell.” The Think Tank discussions were held on November 13 and 14, 2019, in Miami. The conversations were presented in partnership with DXV/Grohe and TUUCI.