Modernism (1170)

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    Remembering Marc Dessauce, Scholar of Early American Modernism

    … for scholars.” In memory of Marc Dessauce (1962-2004), for Therese, Cyrgue, Ninon, and Louise

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    Knud Lonberg-Holm: Bucky Fuller's Mentor, Modernism's Invisible Architect

    … construction.” Part of Lonberg-Holm’s vision for modern architecture was to organize the various components and systems that make up a building so that, after the Depression, architects might simply create houses or buildings from an existing kit of parts. (The Eames House, in this sense, is a perfect realization of his vision …

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    This Year's Venice Architecture Biennale Tackles Modernism's Biggest Problem

    … universalize architecture.) The lesson from the national pavilions is that when architects build abroad, the problem is not so much that they must be prepared to contend with conflicting perceptions of Modernism, but that they might have to understand many different forms of modernity.

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    Charles Correa, Master of Indian Modernism, Dead at 84

    … Islamic. This is also a community building, a social space that has to be seamless and fluid.” Correa held multiple honors and awards, including the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold Medal (1984), the 7th Aga Khan Award for Architecture (1998), the Padma Vibhusan (2006), and the Gomant Vibhusan, Goa’s highest civilian honor …

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    Modernism Reloaded: Hadid, Libeskind, and Tschumi Riff off a Le Corbusier Gem

    … captures the villa at various times of the day. Courtesy Paul Clemence Courtesy Paul Clemence

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    Between Modernism and Postmodernism? Hippie Modernism

    … while rejecting Modernism’s view of technology as progress; their most earnest efforts are tinged with satire or ennui. Blauvelt tries out the metaphor of the two-faced Janus—who looks to both past and future—to explain this conundrum, but finds that inadequate in the face of the era’s intellectual gymnastics. Then …

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    Alfred H. Barr Jr. and Philip Johnson, Ambassadors of Modernism

    … Ludwig Mies van der Rohe/SODRAC (2015) Quilt, designed by Lilly Reich, circa 1930 Courtesy Richard P. Goodbody Alfred H. Barr Jr. Apartment Dining table and chairs, designed by Donald Deskey, circa 1930 All Alfred Barr Jr. furniture courtesy the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, photographs by Denis Farley Armchair, designed by Philip Johnson …

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    Liberation by Architecture: The Optimism of African Modernism

    … It is the start of what he hopes will be a broader survey. Whether he succeeds or not, it’s impossible to come away from this first jaunt with a sense of Modernism merely “tweaked.” This isn’t a meager Modernism of standardized solutions and precast concrete but one galvanized by fundamentally local exigencies …

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    Flora-Themed Exhibition Brightens up the Schindler House's Sober Modernism

    … poignant entry is by Terremoto, an Echo Park–based landscaping firm. The designers installed a ring of potted cacti in the house's rear courtyard; in the center 12” by 12” concrete tiles (modeled after the pavers at the Fitzpatrick-Leland House) are stacked in a low heap. The project is elegant while the …

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    MAK Exhibition Challenges the Narrative of 20th Century Modernism with Otto Wagner

    … Hackenschmidt explains, “He developed a notion very similar to ‘form follows function’— a ‘metaphorical functionalism.’ It obviously wasn’t as catchy.” Post–Otto Wagner: From the Postal Savings Bank to Post-Modernism runs through September 30, 2018. You may also enjoy "After Devastating Weekend Blaze, the Future of the Glasgow School of Art Remains Uncertain."