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    In Southern Germany, A Small Brewery Proves Less Is More

    … Prioritize Flexibility for the FutureThe bigger challenge in preserving historically significant buildings isn’t in giving them a second life—it’s preparing them for later reincarnations.

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    Fort Point in San Francisco’s Mission District Redefines the Brewery Aesthetic

    … virtue, however, is its mechanisms to trigger interaction: There are circular tables, but no seats along most of the 34-foot wooden bar counter, eliminating any barriers to it. The taps have been lowered to sit flush in the counter, clearing the eye-level view entirely. And with no back bar, bartenders never have …

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    An Erstwhile Brewery, Hotel Emma Balances Grit and Glamour

    … by local artisans. The bar and clubroom, Sternewirth, takes its name from the Sternewirth Privilege, a 19th-century brewery tradition that gave employees access to free beer in the taproom during their workday, provided they didn’t get drunk. Presiding over the space are three old 10,000-gallon fermentation tanks, two of which …

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    Crosby Studios Designs a Cocktail Brewpub in Brooklyn

    … guest chefs and restaurant pop-ups hosted there. Adjacent to the public venue, and visible through a large, round interior window puncturing the bar wall, is the brewery where mixology and manufacturing meet to produce the Wandering Barman’s signature beverages. Courtesy Majid Aliyev Courtesy Mike Vitelli This duality is also reflected in material choices …

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    In Salford, U.K., a Government Building Makes a Statement in Brick

    … was right next to these fantastic, vaulted railway arches and some really strong and bold red brick 19th century warehouses and buildings, such as the Cook Street Brewery, which we ended up taking inspiration from.” On the narrower elevation, the architects formed brick panels into a tradtional one-under-one-over basket weave pattern. A …

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    Brooklyn-based Sarah Carpenter & Studio is Redefining Community-Driven Hospitality

    … of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the studio has excelled at designing for community-driven hospitality. With more recent projects, including Williamsburg’s female-owned-and-operated Talea brewery, and cult-favorite eateries Egg Shop, Tonchin, and Tender Greens, the team still hews close to its original ethos of designing spaces for “people to enjoy, to …

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    A New Book Explores the Iterative Nature of Milton Glaser's Designs

    … America’s most prolific graphic designers, the late Milton Glaser. From I ♥ NY memorabilia sold along Chinatown’s Canal Street to the green labels of Brooklyn Brewery beer, Glaser’s designs continue to define the city’s visual culture even after his death this past June. While most New Yorkers hardly think about the …

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    An interview with Jane Jacobs, Godmother of the American City

    … this house. It was a rooming house. It was very cheap rent. This is a very expensive area now. JHK: Yeah, but the Jacob Rupert Brewery was up there until 1957. I lived on 93rd Street for a while myself. You would go through these brewing cycles when the neighborhood would be full of …

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    Removing the Stigma from the Mobile Home: An Interview with Jennifer Siegal

    … not vice versa. We shouldn’t be stuck in a place because our buildings are so heavy. Venice SwellHouse in Venice, CA Courtesy Undine Prohl Seatrain. The Brewery, Los Angeles, CA Courtesy Daniel Hennessy Courtesy Daniel Hennessy Courtesy Daniel Hennessy Courtesy Daniel Hennessy Taliesin Mod.Fab.Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ. The result of a design …

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    The 10 Best Cities to Live In (2016)

    … whose Google-funded Factory Berlin is the mother of all coworking spaces. Tech royalty such as Twitter, SoundCloud, and Uber have set up shop in the converted brewery, where exposed brick walls frame open offices, cafés, lounge areas, and outdoor plazas. “Clients building for the tech industry are more open-minded toward radical ideas than …