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    METROPOLIS Celebrates the Arch30 Chicago Cohort

    … opportunity to connect, exchange insights, and establish networks that will undoubtedly support their promising careers. The METROPOLIS Arch30 event in Chicago: Alexander Beck, DLR GroupAnjelica Chase, Moody NolanAnthony Margadonna, KTGYArden Peterson. SOMAshley Brunton, STUDY ArchitectureBaine Rydin, Perkins EastmanBen DiNapoli, SOMBrian Hunt, GenslerCaleb Randal, AECOMCam Pierce, NELSONClayton Knapp, Landon Bone Baker ArchitectsCorey Clevenger, NELSONCorinne Knight …

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    Vladimir Radutny Makes His Mark on Chicago—One Mies Apartment at a Time

    … building into a welcoming residence. And yet there’s no stopping the local architect and his eponymous studio on his journey to revitalize Mies’ towers along the Chicago lakefront, a unique trajectory for someone who started his career working for Chicago’s Krueck Sexton Partners (Ron Krueck actually studied under Mies). But Radutny believes he …

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    The First Chicago Architecture Biennial to Assess the State of the Art of Building

    … in the tough fight for relevancy. Nevertheless, the exhibition may not be competing for the same audience as established events such as the Venice Bienniale. As the Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin observed, Chicago’s forthcoming biennial aims to attract students and tourists as much as architects and intelligentsia. Their emphasis on the broad …

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    15 Buildings That Embody Chicago's Postmodern Moment

    … quality of space, and keen sense of scale, the lobby is the opposite of its saturnine shell. As such, wrote Paul Gapp, then architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune, “must be counted as among the more opulent such spaces created in downtown Chicago at a time when architectural fashion has made it alright to be …

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    Chicago Start-Up Offers Pop-Up Spaces for Micro-Retailers

    … easier, but your first home is a bigger hurdle to jump over.” The design details won’t be hashed out until the city approves the larger mixed-use complex, of which the incubator is part, but Duke expects that the incubator will create some healthy competition among the micro-retailers to deliver memorable experiences …

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    Grupo Habita's New Hotels Embrace Chicago, Inside and Out

    … design conscious.” In the guest rooms, custom birch plywood beds, black steel, and polished concrete floors coexist in elegant harmony. “We weren’t looking for anything flashy or overly luxurious, but everything was chosen in a way that fits together well,” says Hunfalvay. “There’s an intelligence in the way the simple materials are …

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    Top 10 Things to Do and See at the Chicago Architecture Biennial

    … and IIT professor Andrew Schachman for the exhibition design. When: September 12 – 29 Where: The Roundhouse the DuSable Museum of African American History

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    "Starship Chicago," a Documentary on Helmut Jahn's Controversial Thompson Center, Is Free to Watch Online

    … and the buildings I believe in." Speaking of the Thompson Center, he concluded, "We are going to win this one I swear to you we are.” Starship Chicago is free to watch on the Mas Context website. You may also enjoy "'Hands off My Johnson,' Say Architects and Preservationists at AT&T Building Redesign Protest."

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    Carol Ross Barney is Chicago’s New Daniel Burnham

    … for development along the river. This level of civic engagement can create a self-reinforcing feedback loop, as appreciation for the river breeds a new awareness among Chicago’s citizenry. Says Ellis, “That can manifest itself at the ballot box, through spending, through volunteerism, through support for stronger environmental standards.” And that is likely to …

  • interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial|interview Yesomi Umolu chicago architecture biennial


    From Housing to Activism, the Next Chicago Architecture Biennial Will Bring Global Issues to Chicago

    … biennial felt compelled to leave a physical legacy in the city, through a handful of semi-permanent installations. The second biennial, conversely, confined itself mostly to the halls of the Chicago Cultural Center. How will your agenda differ? I can't reveal too much, but in subsequent announcements you will start to see how …