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    Manufacturers Catch Up on Embodied Carbon

    … key focus at COP28, the world’s largest event dedicated to mobilizing against climate change.ProjectsBehind This Seattle Office’s Pursuit of LBC 4.0 CertificationMithun's renovation of its own waterfront headquarters is on track to make it one of the first buildings certified under the new Living Building Challenge standards.ViewpointsPublic Outdoor …

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    What Architects and Designers Need to Know About Embodied Carbon

    … Help You Design Inclusively and FairlyThis primer is a handy guide to toolkits, manuals, certifications, and indexes that can help you design with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in mind.ViewpointsOutdoor Amenities Resource: 25+ Guides to Designing Better Outdoor AmenitiesMETROPOLIS gathers tools, guides, and manuals to help landscape architects, architects, and interior designers leverage …

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    Confronting Carbon Form, Embodied Carbon’s Complex Cousin

    … Places to Look for Design InspirationThinkLab’s U.S. Design Industry Benchmark Report for 2023 reveals the top places architects and designers look to kindle creativity. ViewpointsConfronting Carbon Form, Embodied Carbon’s Complex CousinA recent exhibition at Cooper Union put forward a cogent definition of Carbon Form, our infrastructure’s deep indebtedness to extractive modes …

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    New Carpet from Patcraft Is Low in Embodied Carbon and Recyclable

    … selected No tags selected LatestProfilesWoodward Throwbacks Transforms Landfill-Bound Goods into Modern FurnitureThe Detroit-based manufacturer is one of several groups drawing on breakthrough research, tools, and sourcing systems to change building-material reuse.Products10 Architecture and Design Books Worth Adding to Your Reading ListMETROPOLIS rounds up the best new books on architecture, urbanism …

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    Material Impact: 3form Explains Embodied Carbon with Mindful Materials & Perkins Eastman Architects

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    Lighting's Dark Secret: Embodied Carbon in the LED Industry

    … they’re making, and they’re proud of it. There’s a whole culture making this happen,” Rodriguez says. “We can learn from that.” You may also enjoy “More Good than Harm: How Humanscale Reduced Carbon Emissions with a Lightbulb” Would you like to comment on this article? Send your thoughts to: [email protected]

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    3 Sustainability News Updates for Q1 2024

    … Would you like to comment on this article? Send your thoughts to: [email protected] Sustainability Avinash RajagopalEmbodied CarbonNewsspecification RelatedViewpointsWhat Architects and Designers Need to Know About Embodied CarbonFrom complex topics such as carbon form to advice on how to specify carbon-neutral furniture, METROPOLIS provides a lay of the land for carbon and design …

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    What Architects Need to Know about Carbon

    … could power an (almost) unlimited number of robots—which, in turn, have no digestion hence they have an even smaller marginal carbon footprint than the human workers they replace. And, besides, by most metrics, renewables are already cheaper than energy derived from fossil fuels. Technical solutions in general are not popular these days, but …

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    A Case for a More Literal Architecture

    … facto first need promising new ways of describing architecture to ourselves in much more literal ways. You may also enjoy “When a Building Comes Down, Where Do Its Materials Go?” Would you like to comment on this article? Send your thoughts to: [email protected] Register here for Metropolis Webinars Connect with experts and …

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    A Great Carbon Reckoning Comes to Architecture

    … he says. “This desire for permanence is utterly unreasonable.” (One example of that in the United States? Sometimes contractors put high-carbon cement into their otherwise low-carbon rammed earth mixtures to make earthen walls last.) Hauptman suggests designing with deconstruction or reuse in mind, to preserve as much of that already-spent carbon as …