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Get Help: Resources for Low-Carbon Design

A host of resources are now available for interior designers who want to lower the carbon footprint of their projects. This section will be updated regularly as existing resources are expanded or as new ones become available.

Start Here:

To Select, Sample, and Specify Products:

  • mindful MATERIALS is a free tool for all transparency documentation for products, so you can view carbon, health, and other impacts in one place.
  • CLF 2021 Material Baselines provide benchmarks for global warming potential for dry wall, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Other materials will be addressed over time.
  • The DPR Product Directory, powered by Ecomedes, provides a wide selection of sustainable products across categories.
  • BIFMA’s LEVEL Directory offers a way to filter furniture by low-emitting options, recycled content, biobased materials, and other criteria.
  • Mindclick’s Design for Health Vendor Library offers assessments of a wide range of interior design products across many different criteria.
  • EC3 is a free tool to make selections in some product categories and see how they impact the overall embodied carbon emissions of your project.
  • Material Bank helps designers sample sustainable products and provides both carbon-neutral shipping and easy returns for samples.

To Assess the Carbon Footprint of Projects:

To find Community and share information with other designers, join a CLF Regional Hub.

Keep an Eye Out for expansions and developments in these tools, as well as the upcoming Tally Climate Action Tool.

If you have feedback on the Climate Toolkit for Interior Design, write to: [email protected]

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