Brad Ascalon's New Furniture Collection Is Inspired by a Typeface

The designer’s new sofa collection takes cues from the classic Caslon typeface.

Caslon is sort of an anagram of Brad Ascalon’s last name, but that’s not the reason why the designer based his new furniture collection for Mitab on the typeface. When graphic designers want to seem serious but not old-fashioned, Caslon is usually the best bet. “It hits a perfect balance of geometric and organic characteristics—which seem both contrary and complimentary,” Ascalon says. “Furthermore, it is both timely and timeless, and its details are simple yet striking.”

The collection, which launched yesterday at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, has the same mix of weightiness and delicacy. The huge, heavy volumes are enlivened by little details like a cut where the seat meets the back, and the curving seams—both of which echo the serifs in the typeface. “The pieces [had] to be quiet enough for a more conservative office setting, yet dynamic enough to work in a more modern, high-energy or start-up environment,” Ascalon says. “We’re seeing an explosion of tech start-ups in Sweden at the moment (particularly in Stockholm), so this factor played a big role in how I wanted to move forward with the collection.”

This the first time that Mitab, a leading Swedish manufacturer and established name in the European contract furniture world, has collaborated with an American designer. Ascalon’s Scandinavian conquest is thanks to Hightower, one of his early clients who began representing Mitab in the US. So there’s a good chance Caslon will be available stateside soon.

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