Kidulting: Design for Those Who Just Won’t Grow up

Design for those who just won’t grow up

Childhood nostalgia is the inspiration du jour for designers, who are shifting loyalties from stark interiors to the messy joy of the playroom. Patterns are bolder, colors more saturated, and the products themselves are cheeky and irreverent. In the end, it seems, all we want is to stay forever young.

1. Room

The Room display cabinet by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho is a shape-sorting game for adults.

2. Oon Power Cord

Okum’s Oon power cord adds an element of fun to a mundane object.

3. Chick Pouf

Haworth’s cheery Chick Pouf by Patricia Urquiola also turns into an armchair.

4. Pixo LED Lamp

DWR’s Pixo LED lamp comes in youthful colors.

5. FollowMe Cordless Lamp

The FollowMe cordless light from Marset is the perfect addition to a pillow fort.

6. Girard’s Environmental Enrichment Panel

Alexander Girard’s Environmental Enrichment Panels for Herman Miller add play to the office.

7. Healing Hands scarves

Delightful Healing Hands scarves by Vík Prjónsdóttir are made from Icelandic sheep wool.

8. Kinderground carpet

Designers can play around with the panels of the Kinderground carpet.

9. Cap Table Lamp

The shape of Normann Copenhagen’s Cap Table Lamp is a nod to the Italian cartoon character Calimero.


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