This Service Gathers Real-Time Local Transit Info in One Place

Designed for lobbies and entrances, these customized displays from TransitScreen offer building users a simple alternative to checking multiple apps and websites.

TransitScreen transportation display
Courtesy TransitScreen

From bike shares to ride shares, buses to subways, and light rail to ferries, never before has the average person had so many transit options. Real-time data that could help you pick the best mode of transport is typically spread across different websites and apps, but the start-up TransitScreen offers simplicity by aggregating transportation information onto one monitor that can be placed in the lobbies and entrances of innumerable commercial and residential buildings. In addition to providing convenience, TransitScreen aims to promote sustainable transportation, whether it’s biking, walking, or any form of mass transit or ride sharing. “All of these are a far more sustainable way to get around cities; they pollute less and take up less street space,” says Ryan Croft, TransitScreen’s cofounder and chief operating officer. Although the displays seem simple, the company retrieves and distills data from hundreds of sources in real time. And TransitScreen is serious about its sustainability credentials: It purchases renewable energy credits for all the energy its servers and offices use.

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