Nature meets nurture in new furniture lines from top designers.

Yves Béhar’s C Collection for HBF.

In years past, we’ve seen furniture designs echo the extreme technology used to create them. Rigid lines, shimmering steel, and bold unnatural forms. Today, the design industry has risen through the technological boom into an eco-conscious and economically precarious environment. This creates a need for comforting environments. As such, details are more organic and instinctual, while also retaining the high-design refinement that comes with sophisticated machining and ultra-modern manufacturing techniques.

A beautiful example of this trend is the C Collection (Metropolis editors as well as the jury for the ICFF Editors Awards both selected Béhar’s work as a standout in the show). This traditional aesthetic in a natural stain contains exquisite contemporary details.

Other sightings included neutral colors in familiar shades, raw wood stains, and detailing informed by nature, as seen below.

Next week, we will report back on some of the design inspiration we received from perusing the city at large during ICFF. We hope you’ll be inspired as well!



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