Flashes of Brilliance

A selection of innovative new lighting.

Light may be an insubstantial medium, but every brick-and-mortar architectural project depends on its smart use to succeed. In today’s lighting market there are as many solutions as there are individual needs. Energy-efficient LEDs continue to be at the forefront of development efforts and appear in new applications. For example, F.A.O. Schwarz’s flagship store, in New York, features about 80,000 LEDs in an animated ceiling billboard. And Maurice Brill Lighting Design and SOM used LEDs between pavers to transform Finsbury Avenue Square, in London. However, task and interior lighting is for now dominated by tried-and-true fluorescent and incandescent technologies. And taking its inspiration from an age-old source of light, Donovan Design created a safe electric candle that’s as comforting as the real thing.

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