<i>Design Entrepreneurs:The Next Generation II</i>: Speaker Bios

Speaker bios for the 2004 Design Entrepreneurs:The Next Generation II conference.

The conference is to be held Monday, May 17, 2004 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. @ the ICFF Theater in the Pavilion Hall.

By popular demand, Metropolis Magazine presents Design Entrepreneurs: the Next Generation II—a sequel to last year’s one-day conference that featured emerging designers discussing their approaches to business and creativity. This year’s edition will focuses on material and product innovations, presenting pioneers who are re-thinking and re-defining the forms and processes of design.

Bringing together individuals from all areas of the industry and academia, this event will merge the future with the past by presenting innovative work, exploring the history of materials such as plywood and carbon fiber, and examining applications of cutting-edge products like biodegradable technogel and fiber-reinforced plastic. We will also look at the entrepreneurial beginnings of some of today’s major manufacturers, and then uncover the research and ideas revolutionizing the design field.

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