Live@ICFF, Editor’s Pick: Andrew Moe’s Oslo Collection

Reclaimed-lumber chairs, desks, and tables from Long Island City

There’s something old in first-time exhibitor Andrew Moe‘s debut collection, called Oslo. The pieces are all made from lumber that has reclaimed from demolished buildings and is collected for the designer by a dealer in Connecticut. While he gathers all kinds of wood from all over the country, most of what Moe uses is east-coast ash, which he finishes with water-based materials. Moe has been making custom pieces in his Long Island City studio for six years, but happily found a way to bring the price down and increase his volume when he changed his joints. “I attached the legs directly to the tabletop as an aesthetic decision,” he explains. “But I realized it is also structurally efficient.” The result is a series of chairs, desks, and tables priced very reasonably between $425 and $2,200, retail. And if the collection has a certain grace, you could perhaps credit it to this: Moe also teaches tango.

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