Next Gen Notables: World Wide Rail

This week’s proposal takes the form of a comic strip!

Click the image to view the proposal.

Every Thursday we’re posting excerpts from notable 2009 Next Generation proposals that didn’t quite make the final selection featured in the May issue of the magazine. (Click here to check out previous selections.) This week’s proposal is a little different–called World Wide Rail: A Tale of the Necessary Future, it takes the form of a comic strip (!), in which the authors, Copenhagen’s Stig Hessellund and Jacob Bro Knudsen, envision a zero-carbon society linked by a worldwide rail system. Click the image above to begin a slide-show presentation of their proposal–and, as always, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments form below.

(Note: Next week we’ll be taking a break from our regular Thursday Next Gen posts to prepare a final roundup of the remaining 2009 Notables. Stay tuned for that story in early August.)

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