No Need to Hide

Georges Moanack’s electric socket can take pride of place, at home or in the office.


At one point or another everyone has crawled under a desk, behind a couch, or around a television to deal with an unsightly jumble of cords. We’re willing to squeeze into small, dusty spaces only because that’s better than the alternative—having the mess on full display for all to see. The people at Punkt., a Swiss company dedicated to simple design for technological products, knew there had to be another option. They enlisted the industrial designer Georges Moanack to pursue this problem, under the art direction of Jasper Morrison. Moanack asked his friends, family, and acquaintances from across the globe to grab their mobile phones and take a picture of their electric sockets. “I got around 150 pictures from around the world—from Japan to South America to Europe to the United States,” says Moanack. “And no matter where the picture was taken, almost everyone wanted to hide the extension sockets.” Moanack’s sleek, round ES 01 is a socket that people will want to display, with five outlets that neatly organize the cords, and a lid to cover them all. Here, Moanack discusses the decisions that went into the design of the ES 01, which debuted at Paris’s Maison et Objet show last September and will be available in the United States soon.

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