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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West ranks high on the AIA’s Shape of America list. The AIA wants to know what you think.

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Instead of providing you with a list of sites this week, we’ve found a single one that is worth your time.

America’s iconic architecture has finally earned the spotlight it deserves—through a new video-centric web site launched by The American Institute of Architects. To commemorate their 150 anniversary last year, the AIA went around the country interviewing Americans about our nation’s iconic structures. They asked people to vote for their favorite buildings, bridges, monuments, and memorials. They’ve now launched Shape of America, a Web site dedicated to our built environment. The site is home to a stimulating series of videos, in which architects share their personal stories, opinions, and insights about America’s favorite works of architecture. Right now, Wrights’ Taliesin West ranks high on the site. Architect Bruce Race had this to say about it: “Wright was really striving to respond to the local climate and conditions and at the same time using that in his quest for defining what he considered a new American architecture and also doing it with a certain amount of regionalism in terms of the design.”

What do you think? Visit the site to watch the videos, vote for your favorites, decide which structure will be discussed next, and engage in conversation about these works.

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