Surface Values

From tiles to textiles, materials are more visually and functionally diverse than ever before.

In response to increasing demands from architects and interior designers for diverse styles and improved performance in finishes and materials, companies have developed products that take their inspiration from the past and use the latest technologies. For example, Architex has a textile collection inspired by Louis Sullivan’s architectural details and Motawi has new tiles that reference Dard Hunter’s graphic works; while the new collection from Designtex incorporates the Airco System for unmatched breathability. Especially important is the range of environmentally friendly products being offered by manufacturers—such as Kirei, 3form, and ECOsurfaces—who are reusing postconsumer and reclaimed agricultural materials or, in the case of Gambarelli, using a totally natural process to help reduce waste and pollution. Before choosing any material, remember to take into account its environmental impact and contact the manufacturer for the product’s life-cycle assessment.

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