Tent City Pops Up in Chelsea

The artist Fritz Haeg is inviting New Yorkers to set up shop at a temporary “Domed Colony” on 22nd Street.


The artist, architect, and Edible Estates author Fritz Haeg–whom we profiled in the magazine last year–sent out an e-mail yesterday inviting New Yorkers to make themselves at home in a new, 8,000-square-foot “Dome Colony” set up at the X Initiative gallery in Chelsea. According to Haeg, you can take over one of the four tents–they range from 10 to 18 feet in diameter, and the bigger ones can accommodate up to 30 people–for pretty much any (legal) activity you can imagine: “Set up a clubhouse, a headquarters, a home away from home, a temporary studio, a living room, a lounge, use it as a place to host friends, stage events, make work, rehearse, organize an on-going series of meetings, or regular gatherings, performances….” Find more details about the project, and instructions for how to reserve your slice of this squatters’ paradise, on Haeg’s Web site.

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