Brooklyn Nets: Say What?

Kerrie Jacobs shares her views on the Brooklyn Nets’ stadium.

A bit of very interesting (and perhaps long overdue) news trickled out of Brooklyn yesterday. On the Brooklyn Nets web site, a blog entitled “Barclays Center: Wooing critics with great architecture,” links to Karrie Jacobs’ terrific review of the arena. It cites Karrie’s long time opposition to the development, along with her almost grudging admiration for the arena as a piece of architecture.  The blog concludes, presumably with the authorization of both the Nets and Bruce Ratner, “Jacobs asks if SHoP can get its hands on the master plan for the rest of the site. [emphasis added] In fact, it has and is working on re-shaping the original master plan laid out by Frank Gehry.” Here’s the link and the morsel of real news: /2012/11/15/3648742/barclays-center-wooing-critics-with-great-architecture

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