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    Seven Hidden Gems from Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Period

    … Wright referenced this quote, misattributing it to writer Samuel Butler in Architecture: Selected Writings 1894–1940: “Samuel Butler fitted us with a good name. He called us Usonians, and our Nation of combined States, Usonia.” Wright designed his first Usonian home in 1936, when Milwaukee Journal writer Herbert Jacobs challenged him to design a house …

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    The Protégé's Turn: Unearthing the Work of a Frank Lloyd Wright Student Who Helped Design Usonia

    … work, personality, and teaching legacy.  On June 22nd, the Center for Architecture (HQ for the AIA New York Chapter) opens Kaneji Domoto at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonia, a peek into the world of a Japanese-American architect who knew Wright well and designed five of the 47 homes in Wright’s vision of a …

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    Step into Houses Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Acolyte Kaneji Domoto

    Exterior of the Lurie House (1949-50), part of the Usonia development in the village of Pleasantville. The term “Usonia,” first used by Wright in 1933, references his Broadacre City model of American urbanism, though also refers to his specific ideas about suburban houses, including the use of local materials, modular construction, geometric motifs, single …

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    For a Community of Gamers, The Sims Is a Gateway to the Real World of Architecture

    … that are local, practical, and functional for a household,” she says. “As I learned more about it, the build suddenly transformed into a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Usonian home.” Courtesy Mela Pagayonan The Sims’ players aren’t just recreating famous works of architecture, they’re also designing original concepts inspired by architectural icons. Mela Pagayonan …

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    Minnesota Design: Uncovering Minnesota's Influential Modernist Past

    … Willey, an administrator at the University of Minnesota, and his wife, Nancy. The house, located near the university campus and now gorgeously restored, was Wright’s prototype Usonian, just 1,300 square feet but packed with architectural drama. Wright would go on to produce scores of Usonians—elegant but not overly expensive homes intended for …

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    Frank Lloyd Wright Redesigned the Suburbs—Today's Architects Should Do the Same

    … circa 1929, first shown in 1932, and developed throughout subsequent years), as well in his earlier proposals for suburban communities in Oak Park, Illinois, and his later Usonian houses, at least he accepted the reality of suburban developments such as the one he inhabited. He took seriously the way Americans live, at the time in …

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    Frank Lloyd Wright Was a Proto-Algorithmic Architect

    … penchant for incorporating local, on-site materials into a building prefigured the later critical regionalist movement, which continues apace in China. And the open layout of the Usonian house, broken up not by partitions but by zones of activity, anticipated today’s live-work gospel. But, unexpectedly, Wright’s graphic language has proven to be …

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    New Exhibit Explores Race, Gender, Class, and More, in Frank Lloyd Wright's and Harlem's Housing

    … Preservation (GSAPP), and co-presented by The Buell Center, The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, and Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library. Courtesy Columbia GSAPP Usonia Homes, Broadacre City, the Jacobs House—these are projects almost every Columbia architecture student can recognize, yet for those same students, the complex history of nearby Harlem …

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    Frank Lloyd Wright's Life, In Hipster-Friendly Illustrations

    … a Usonian house, and the Guggenheim are each strategically revealed through the technique. These selections are purposeful; portions of roof and wall are pulled off of the Usonian home to illustrate programmatic function, not merely to allow the reader to peek inside. The book happily points us onwards, at its end, not to misty Usonia

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    Frank Lloyd Wright on American Democracy's Potential for "Mobocracy"

    … dependents in order that a “ruler” may make a bid for world-power and for commercial-supremacy. Both were, and always will be, a despot’s mirage.”  —“Usonia, Usonia South and New England,”Taliesin Square-Paper (1941) He believed that individual freedom, creativity, and expression (even in technology and “the machine”) were American democracy’s …