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San Francisco AmeniPODS

San Francisco, California

Since 1995, San Francisco Public Works and JCDecaux have provided a series of 25 public toilets throughout the city. In 2018, SmithGroup set out to make these amenities more accessible and approachable, serving everyone from unhoused persons to tourists to construction and gig workers to parents with children. The new toilet kiosks blend sculpture and technology to create a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic experience. They improve upon user experience, performance, and sustainability with interior skylights, low-flow fixtures, and rainwater collection for washing the exterior shell. The toilets self-clean after every use and the hand-washing system has been updated to conserve water and be more energy efficient. Through San Francisco Public Works’ Pit Stop program, an attendant is on hand to ensure the toilets are kept safe, clean, and operational for their intended use. The attendants are trained to help connect unhoused persons to services and to help motivate those with a substance use disorder or a mental health issue to seek treatment.  

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