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Sample Responsibly

Reducing the waste of the sampling process helps cut down the carbon footprints of both firms and manufacturers:

Sample Selectively

Only sample “Pass” products, i.e. sample or stock products that meet baseline sustainability standards.

Sample Smaller

Find ways to work with smaller samples and encourage manufacturers to reduce sample dimensions wherever possible.

Standardize the Sampling Process

Set best practices for sampling, especially in hotspot categories like flooring, walls & ceilings, and furniture (especially systems furniture). Change the sampling process during submittals, construction administration, and mockups to reduce duplications and bring down waste.

Find Alternatives to Sampling

Instead of ordering samples for all stakeholders, consider going to a showroom or using VR Walkthroughs (Resource: Enscape). Move towards digital review of standard, non-custom finishes.

Optimize the Submittals Process

Be specific with clients about the quantity of submittals and ask for return labels if more samples are needed.

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