Material Insights: Being Green Goes Beyond Product Development

3form shows its commitment to sustainability by pushing the envelope on recycled materials and being transparent about its progress.

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3form was a sponsor of the Metropolis Perspective: Sustainability 2019 event series.

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Responsible Manufacturing

3form crafts its flagship products with a large percentage of recycled content, but their commitment to responsible manufacturing goes beyond the products: It also means communicating with integrity, transparency, and accountability. A few years later 3form launched their signature take-back program, Reclaim, laying the foundation for the company’s goal for Zero Waste manufacturing facilities and products designed for material circularity.


GreenWeek and a Material Challenge

In 2004, 3form held their first annual GreenWeek at their Salt Lake City headquarters–marking the start of an annual tradition designed to further engage employees with sustainability efforts at both a personal and professional level. In 2006, 3form CEO, Talley Goodson, challenged the team to create a product made entirely from recycled materials. The result was an architectural product aptly named 100%. October 2019 marked the 16th annual GreenWeek.


Material Transparency

In 2011, 3form became one of 30 pilot manufacturers to develop Health Product Declarations and released 3rd party verified, Type III Environmental Product Declarations on its four flagship products. In 2019, the company was awarded several Red List Free Declare labels, sponsored the Living Futures Conference, and the Living Product Expo. 3form joined the LP50 as an inaugural member, and their Director of Sustainability became a manufacturing ambassador for Mindful Materials.

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Zero Waste & Climate Responsibility

Last year, 3form incorporated one million pounds of recycled materials into its products as part of its Zero Waste manufacturing goal. In addition, 3form offsets carbon emissions through the annual purchase of Verified Emissions Reductions and domestic renewable wind energy credits. The company offers 16 on-site electric vehicle charging stations, and provides generous support to Habitat for Humanity each year.

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Reimagining Recycling with Flek

3form’s flagship line, Varia Ecoresin, is made of 40% recycled content. This year 3form introduced Flek, a new line of products made from up to 70% recycled content. Flek was developed by 3form’s research team, using optical sorting to create an entirely new product from scraps and trimmings from the Varia line that would otherwise have gone to waste. The company’s investment in green manufacturing shows an alignment of priorities and a commitment to a prosperous balance of people, product, and planet.

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