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Workplace Products to Greet the Next Phase with a Smile

An artful sanitizer station and modular divider systems from B+N Industries bring safety and good design to reopened offices and public spaces.

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Create bright and welcoming messages for the return of your customers, travelers, or co-workers. Courtesy B+N
As businesses around the country begin to contemplate reopening their doors and welcoming back customers and employees, designers are rising to the challenge of quickly refitting offices, restaurants and public spaces of all stripes. Fortunately, manufacturers like B+N Industries are stepping up with sanitation solutions that also prioritize good design. It was a natural fit for the company, creative director Kevin McPhee explains: “B+N designs and manufactures modular interior and exterior space enhancement solutions. Creating iterations of these systems to respond to the pandemic was natural, as all the parts were already there. We just needed to exhibit through the specific lens of social distancing.” The suite of products adapted for our new reality includes hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as handsome office partitions to help with social distancing.

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Courtesy B+N

Seeing the need for a sanitizing station that held a high volume of sanitizer, B+N Industries developed their own. “Given the pace and amount of hand sanitizer we are all now using in public spaces, we knew it was time for a unit that would hold more, and have to be serviced less,” explains McPhee. Sanitizing stations are by now a familiar sight at restaurants, grocery stores, and public places around the country, but B+N’s model goes above and beyond. Designed to hold two-gallon bottles of sanitizer, the High-Volume Sanitizing Station holds eight times more sanitizer than others on the market, which rely on smaller packages that are more expensive, less environmentally friendly, and must be replaced more frequently. In addition to the single gallon ready for use, it features a locked door that houses a back-up. B+N estimates that the unit will pay for itself in 6 months by using gallon containers instead of smaller packets.

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Choose from 7 powder coat colors or specify your own. You can also add your own graphics with UV- and alcohol-stable shrink-wrapped graphics. Courtesy B+N
During this frightening time, a splash of color and engaging graphics helps put everyone at ease, the High Volume Sanitizing Station is designed to put an upbeat spin on the current more clinical-looking devices and remind users that hand washing is a positive thing, not a chore. Attractive designs and bright colors help welcome the return of customers, visitors, or co-workers. Currently the station is available in seven standard powder coat colors, but can be customized with graphics or branding. Keep a lookout for new offerings as we commission some of B+N’s favorite artists and designers for special editions.

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The Sorbetti System with Spanning Panels is a modular kit of parts that includes customizable heights and widths and a choice of bases for freestanding or floor-to-ceiling installations. Shown here in a clear anodized finish and frosted acrylic panels with shelf accessories. Courtesy B+N
As businesses scramble to transform their offices to conform with social distancing guidelines, they are reorganizing workstations, erecting barriers, and even changing their hours of operation. While it’s vital to limit people’s physical interactions to prevent infection, B+N believes that it’s vital to maintain an open and emotionally connected aesthetic. At the same time, the need for a quick solution precludes most businesses from completely redesigning their offices. Two easy-to-install panel systems from the company are available to make interior layout changes quickly and easily. The Cable System, which is suspended from a ceiling and is ideal for large panels of clear or frosted glass, and the Sorbetti System, a more robust system that easily supports shelves and cabinets to make new walls functional.

The Sorbetti System, McPhee explains, is a modular kit of parts that combines translucent materials, clean lines, modularity and reconfigurable design with easily cleanable surfaces, and, above all, easy installation. “This system not only easily installs with panels, but can be outfitted with shelves, cabinets, monitor brackets, and a slew of accessories. This allows the space-defining walls to be functional as well,” he says.

Above, the Cable System with frosted acrylic panels in a rhythmic layout. Courtesy B+N
B+N’s Cable System provides yet another modular system to reconfigure the workplace environment. Available with frosted acrylic and custom-printed panels, the Cable System ensures that separation doesn’t mean isolation. based on a minimal tension wire, the cables can support panels of almost any material, up to a half-inch thick, regardless of ceiling height.

As businesses around the country prepare to reopen, they are doing so in a changed environment, one where safety and hygiene are top priorities. Simple solutions like B+N’s High-Volume Sanitizing Station, Sorbetti System, and Cable System can help make our newly reopened offices and public spaces safer and more welcoming.

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