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With Health Product Declarations available for everything they produce, Carnegie is leading the fight for material transparency.

Carnegie is a sponsor of the 2021 Metropolis Perspective: Sustainability Symposium

For designers and specifiers to make healthy and sustainable choices for their clients, they need to have accurate, easy-to-find information about what materials go into the products they are considering. Bob Goldman, Carnegie’s founder, understood that material transparency was a critical part of being an environmentally-oriented company, which is why Carnegie started making detailed information about product ingredients available long before the rest of the industry caught up.

With Health Product Declarations readily available for every single product the fabric brand manufactures, Carnegie is showing their commitment to helping customers and specifiers make the right decisions. To definitively prove their products exceed industry benchmarks, they call on a suite of independent third-party certification, annual data reviews, auditing, and repeated testing to create well-rounded assessments.

Xorel Carnegie
Carnegie’s flagship product, Xorel, was the first wallcovering to achieve Cradle to Cradle Silver certification. Courtesy Carnegie

But transparency is just the beginning, Carnegie has also committed to making their products more sustainable . In 2007, their flagship offering, Xorel, was the first wallcovering to achieve Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification. As a forever PVC-free company, Carnegie has also been a leader in developing alternatives to conventional printed PVC wallcoverings. They pioneered the development of Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) products and now lead the market in offering designers alternatives to PVCs.

Over decades of making performance fabrics, Carnegie has learned that it’s important to develop products that stand up on their own without the use of potentially toxic coatings and finishes. Their signature Xorel does not use any added finishes or coatings to improve its performance, and they develop their entire product range under the mantra that “the best finish is no finish.”

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