Furniture Company Floyd Expands Outside the Bedroom With Its New Multipurpose Table

The Detroit-based brand, known for its DIY leg brackets and flat-packed bed frame, is launching its Floyd Table today.

Floyd Table
Courtesy Floyd

Founded in 2013, the furniture brand Floyd has built its business on products that are simple, durable, delivered flat-packed, and don’t feature eye-watering prices. Crafted with a minimalist aesthetic, Floyd’s designs can all be assembled and disassembled without tools, making them ideal for surviving multiple moves. Now, the company is launching its next major product: a multipurpose table that starts at $595.

Built in the U.S. from birch and powder-coated steel, the Floyd Table can be assembled in about five minutes. Its all-natural linoleum surfacing (which is produced in the Netherlands, due to a lack of viable U.S. suppliers) comes in two colorways: light pink (“Blush”) and gray (“Fog”). While Floyd has a limited repertoire of products, the table is a natural extension of its current offerings.

The company began when it Kickstarted the Floyd Leg ($179), a generic table leg set whose clamps can turn any surface into a table. Next, noticing a burgeoning market in high-quality, flat-packed, home-delivered mattress, the company focused on developing a simple bed frame ($489 for the total kit) that could also be delivered straight to customers’ doorsteps. (Kyle Hoff, co-founder of Floyd, told Metropolis that he sensed many consumers would rather avoid shopping for a new IKEA MALM bed whenever they moved.) Floyd has also since developed generic brackets for creating shelves.

Now, with a table, Floyd hopes to take center stage in the dining and living area. “No matter the purpose, everyone needs a table in their home,” said Hoff, in a press release. “As we developed the design for the Floyd table, we looked to first create a product that our customers would really want to spend time with because so much of our life happens around tables.” Floyd co-founder Alex O’Dell added, “In doing so, we sourced really unique quality materials and transformed them into a simple, straightforward design that people can take with them in any stage of life.”

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