New Kitchen and Bath Products Support Design Flexibility

Manufacturers are standardizing personalization with product features that are increasingly modular and optional.

Refined for use as kitchen counters and backsplashes, this dramatic quarried stone surfacing can also be specified with mesh backing for installation on interior walls and floors in light-to-medium-traffic areas. It’s available in roughly .8- and 1-inch-thick slabs.
ARTISTIC TILE Courtesy Artistic Tile

Months of COVID-19 restrictions have led to people spending more time than ever indoors. That has, in turn, led to an uptick in projects to improve the two busiest rooms in the house. While orders may take place online, the type of demand that they’re driving is apparent in manufacturers’ latest kitchen and bath products ahead of this year’s virtual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Notably, extreme personalization is becoming the norm as companies try to appear nimble in accommodating domestic environments that now also function as offices and classrooms, stress-testing home appliances, fixtures, and plumbing like never before. New kitchen and bath products are increasingly broken down into a kit of parts that supports design flexibility and addresses a wider range of applications. One example is Artistic Tile’s graphic stone slabs: Available in two standard thicknesses, the same stone can be specified for use as countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and shower walls. Meanwhile, on the following pages, notice that everything from fridges to electrical outlets can be customized thanks to modules and add-ons, which enable users to combine, swap, and extend without end.


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