the interior of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs

7 Picks From L. Bonime Design That Master The Art of Minimalism

New Rochelle, New York–based L. Bonime Design emphasizes handmade and local materials for spaces that best articulate clients’ brand identities.

Lindsey Bonime

The firm’s founder and creative director has an MArch from Tulane University, which informs her material choices in such projects as the recently completed Twelve restaurant in Portland, Maine. “I draw on my background in architecture to create warm minimalist interiors with a livable yet sophisticated sensibility,” Bonime says.

a portrait of Lindsey Bonime
a glass wall sconce with a brass fitting

Hold sconce

“This sconce’s organic shape is reminiscent of a mermaid’s purse [the casing that protects a shark’s embryo] that can be found in waters off Portland’s coast.”

a detail of end-grain wood flooring

End-grain flooring

“The texture and ceruse finish result in a pattern that contrasts well with [adjacent] wide-plank oak flooring, to help define the bar and main dining area in an otherwise open space.”

custom professional range

Custom professional range

wall tiles

Wall tiles

“Deep cerulean blue for a backsplash draws your eyes toward the action in an open kitchen.”

Jenny wall sconce

Jenny wall sconce

“This playful sconce provides a sculptural element and soft, indirect light inside a simple, dark, and moody water closet.”

counter stool

Counter stool

“This local furniture company’s philosophy of using simple, native, high-quality materials aligned with our intent to lean into a quintessentially Maine aesthetic in Twelve.”

murmuration ceramic wall mural

Murmuration ceramic sculpture

“This ceramic wall mural provides a minimalist yet ever-changing textural focus in a main dining space.”

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