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Lean In: This Lamp Brings an Indoor Staple Outside

As part of Landscape Forms’ Motive collection, designer Justin Champaign has created an al-fresco version of the floor lamp.

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Justin Champaign’s Motive collection for Landscape Forms features a new outdoor floor lamp. Courtesy Landscape Forms

Motive, Landscape Forms’ streamlined collection of area, pendant, and wall-mounted fixtures, represents a big first for the Michigan-based site furnishings company: a floor lamp for outdoor environments. The cast-aluminum LED luminaire provides warm illumination, which can lend open-air spaces a living room–like glow.

Conceived in collaboration with designer Justin Champaign as a collection that “complements architecture,” Motive helps define space with immaterial boundaries. According to Kirt Martin, chief creative officer at Landscape Forms, the lean fixture is ideal for building entrances as well as outdoor lounge and dining areas.

Martin explains that Champaign, who has largely designed indoor lighting, reevaluated the standard floor lamp: In fact, the design team produced more than 25 iterations to eliminate the usual drivers and electrical components that can bulk up such fixtures. The result bucks the weather and convention.

CONCEPT “The idea behind Motive was to ‘shape light’ and create a unique interaction between illumination, environment, and architecture. I wanted to capture the natural characteristics that light embodies to provide a transformative experience of discovery through the interplay of the fixture’s form and the light it produces.”

CRAFT “The goal was to establish a sensibility that made outdoor architectural lighting more approachable and intimate. The subtle form is intended to be a minimal statement of sculptural expression that accentuates its soft illumination. This was inspired by the crescent moon.”

COLLABORATION “Landscape Forms’ team and facilities are amazing. Their prototype lab is a glass room positioned between their manufacturing floor and the open-plan workstations of their engineering and design teams. This strategic placement and transparency brings teams together during the development process, allowing for rapid prototyping in real time.”

CONSTRUCTION “The original design for the floor lamp initially had a light source suspended from the stem. But as I engaged with the Landscape Forms team and the LED technologies were reviewed, we began a process of reduction and eliminated components that became a distraction.”

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