Centina Abside|Bishop 4x4 2|Flm Soundwave Pattern5 Inverted Repeat|161 Radius Squares|Nemo Tile+stone Quilt 4|Kazaconcrete Flutes And Reeds By Grt Architects Single Flute|Scenografica Design By Cristina Celestino For Fornace Brioni Photo Credits Mattia Balsamini (20)

Seven Tiles Illustrate Innovation and Traditional Techniques

Purveyors of ceramic tile show that pattern, material, history, and technology can all be a part of this ancient surface treatment.

Surfaces of all kinds are top of mind these days, so we decided to look at all aspects of them, in these articles, from A to Z. Thinking of surfaces less as a product category and more as a framework, we use them as a lens for understanding the designed environment. Surfaces are sites of materials innovation, outlets for technology and science, and embodiments of standards around health and sustainability, as well as a medium for artists and researchers to explore political questions.

Bishop 4x4 2
Los Angeles–based tile manufacturer Zia Tile creates handmade cement tiles and Moroccan zellige. With a simple geometric surface pattern, designers can specify it in a variety of configurations and custom colors.
ZIA TILE ziatile.com Courtesy ZIA Tile


161 Radius Squares
Red Rock Tileworks has recently released Radius, a collection of Art Deco– inspired tiles in eight mosaic variations. Each tile can be customized from the Nashville, Tennessee–based 07 company’s assortment of 68 available colors.
RED ROCK TILEWORKS redrocktileworks.com Courtesy Red Rock Tileworks


Scenografica Design By Cristina Celestino For Fornace Brioni Photo Credits Mattia Balsamini (20)
Produced by tile company Fornace Brioni and created by hand in Italy, Capriccio is one tile in the Scenografica collection designed by architect Cristina Celestino. The range has its roots in work of Italian Baroque set designers.
FORNACE BRIONI fornacebrioni.it Courtesy Fornace Brioni


Flm Soundwave Pattern5 Inverted Repeat
Handcrafted by Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Sound Wave is inspired by an 18th-century experiment by physicist Ernst Chladni, in which tonal vibrations of various frequencies were used to create unique patterns.
FLM CERAMICS flmceramics.com Courtesy FLM Ceramics


Centina Abside
These handmade, screen-printed ceramic tiles by Elisa Passino are a celebration of color and abstract architectural forms. Available in nine distinct patterns, they can be mixed and matched to create unique installations.
ELISA PASSINO elisapassino.com Courtesy Elisa Passino


Nemo Tile+stone Quilt 4
QUILT Quilt is a porcelain mosaic in which modules can be installed uniformly or at random, channeling the unique geometric qualities of the age-old textile tradition.
NEMO TILE + STONE nemotile.com Courtesy Nemo Tile + Stone


Kazaconcrete Flutes And Reeds By Grt Architects Single Flute
GRT Architects applies the language of Greek columns and other classical motifs in a new series of cast concrete wall tiles for Kaza Concrete. The collection consists of four designs: Single Flute, Triple Flute, Single Reed, and Triple Reed.
KAZA CONCRETE kaza.com Courtesy Kaza Concrete

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