The Dutch Invade Manhattan

A little on last night’s big event

The Droog store on NY’s Greene Street opened in fine style last night. When it comes to festivities, the Dutch do not disappoint. While one has to wonder about how well this kind of design-shop-as-art-gallery is going to fare, the bleak economic forecast certainly didn’t dampen spirits during the store’s premiere. Pinch hitting as tour guide for wife Renny Ramakers (a co-founder of the design collective), Leon Ramakers responded to a question about the space’s central feature, a blue foam house, with this out-of-the-blue quip: “I’m the husband. I just sleep with her. It’s been 32 years, and I’m not bored yet!”

Things were no less topsy turvy downstairs, where Arnout Visser, one of the collaborative’s earliest (and, it must now be said, most reliable) designers, was pouring drinks. Turns out, he was siphoning the tequila cocktail into lovely, porcelain commemorative cups of his own design. It may not be what I went to Soho to find, but the man pours a fine margarita.

Find out more about the first American-based Droog retail outlet in the April issue of Metropolis.

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