Yves Behar to World: Change Your Underwear Already

The designer launches a line of sustainable, socially responsible undergarments.

At the 2007 ICFF, one of our roving show-floor reporters caught Yves Behar engaging in a bit of an overshare: in answer to a question about his wardrobe, Behar boasted that he was wearing bright-yellow American Apparel underwear beneath an otherwise muted ensemble. Well, now the founder of San Francisco’s fuseproject is broadcasting his undergarment preferences yet again. Last week, he announced the launch of the PACT brand of organic-cotton underwear, which is made in Turkey with an eye toward sustainability (all production processes occur within a 100-mile radius) and social responsibility (10 percent of all sales will be donated to one of three nonprofits). Find out more about the PACT cause–and shop for some spiffy new unmentionables–at wearPACT.com.

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