2018 Game Changers: 5 Remarkable Individuals Who Are Transforming Architecture, Design, and Cities

This year’s Game Changers prove that architects and designers can set ambitious goals, envision a better world, and then make it real through spaces, objects, and ideas.

architecture design game changers 2018
The last stretch of Chicago’s Riverwalk opened in 2016, nearly seven years after the opening of the first component (which was designed by Carol Ross Barney, one of Metropolis’s 2018 Game Changers). Here, Ross Barney stands amid flora planted on the Cove section of the Riverwalk, which acts as a kayak launch. She likens the space—one in a chain of similar spaces—to an urban room. Courtesy Whitten Sabbatini

Game Changers are visionaries. Whether they design public spaces, investigate communal living, theorize a global view of architecture, advance furniture design, or create an international design event, they all started with conviction and continue to transform the world around them. For example, Anna Puigjaner, co-founder of the Barcelona architecture office MAIO, is advocating for shared kitchens that could save time and solve social woes. Game Changers can also act through mass manufacturing and design: Within one year, furniture manufacturer HBF’s Dan Chong masterminded the development of ten contemporary furniture collections, all crafted by established and emerging designers. See our full list of Game Changers below!

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