Metropolis Future100 Architecture Undergraduates

Future100 Architecture Undergraduate Winners

These are the top architecture undergraduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the Metropolis team. View the full 2023 Future100 cohort here.

people walking through a park

Ashaykeen Abedin | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: Jacklynn Niemiec, Assistant Professor

Ash’s design work is fueled by curiosity and forward-thinking ideas about affecting positive change in the world.

twisting skyscrapers

Shravan Arun | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

NOMINATOR: Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Suárez, Director of the School of Architecture and Clayton T. Miers Professor in Architecture

Shravan’s ideas are consistently of the highest quality, his intellectual potential is laudable and his conceptual command clearly advanced in comparison with his peers.

a pair of buildings by a lake

Caius Cowgill | Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

NOMINATOR: Stephen Phillips, Professor, PhD., FAIA

As one of our top students, he was selected to best represent Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Department of Architecture; he has my full support.

a building with a wooden facade

Andreea Dan | Tulane University

NOMINATOR: Iñaki Alday, Dean

Andreea understands architecture as a technical object, with precise development of the materiality and structure as means of architectural expression.

a ghostly rendering of a structure

Minghao (William) Du | Cooper Union

NOMINATOR: Hayley Eber, Acting Dean at The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, Principal of Studio Eber

William’s work straddles the intersection of traditional building techniques and the technological evolution, where he demonstrates independent thinking with high levels of rigor and persistence.

a wooden model

Alden Gendreau | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Antje Steinmuller, Associate Professor and Chair

Alden’s work combines urban ecological and social concepts with elegant formal approaches. His design process consistently reflects thoughtful curiosity and humor in equal measure as rigor, skill, and the confident use of digital technologies.

the interior of a biomorphic space

Yun In Jeung | Louisana Tech University

NOMINATOR: Will Doss, Assistant Professor, School of Design

Yun In Jeung’s process and final deliverables exemplify exceptional range, savvy, and virtuosity in craft and conceptualization. The way in which he speaks about each project, asks discerning questions, and delivers the highest quality of project is a testament to the maturity of his perception, unique to his status as an undergraduate student.

a model of a building entrance

Matthew Keller | British Columbia Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: Jody Patterson, Program Head, Bachelor of Architectural Science

What makes Matt truly exceptional is his unwavering commitment to best practice, in all these efforts: architecturally, academically, interpersonally, Matt goes the extra mile to ensure consistently high professional standards.

a model of a building

Ryan Lew | California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

NOMINATOR: Nathaniel Hudson, AXP Supervisor, Member – American Institute of Architects, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, National Organization of Minority Architects

Ryan has already demonstrated great dedication and promise as a strong future leader within our profession. His professional commitment, early in his career and deep intellectual capacity combine to form a well-rounded early career professional capable of coalescing his abilities and leveraging them toward a positive and impactful outcome.

a model of a complex with a green roof

Ethan Lewis | Tulane School of Architecture

NOMINATOR: Juan Medina Revilla, Adjunct Lecturer in Architecture

Ethan’s ability to deliver quality projects and weave a compelling narrative has impressed me. He presents his projects professionally while not being afraid to challenge the brief and deploy unconventional design strategies.

the exterior of a glowing building

Changxin Li | Pratt Institute

NOMINATOR: Kenna Suh, Associate Professor

Changxin is talented, intelligent, and focused. She can explore complex and detailed design through rigorous, iterative, and methodical processes, balanced with intuition and play, to generate creative and unique designs. She is adventurous in exploring ideas, techniques, and strategies and is fully dedicated in her endeavors through her independent spirit but it always open to dialogue and feedback.

a round house in the desert

Rizwana Lubis | California College of the Arts

NOMINATOR: Janette Kim, Associate Professor

Rizwana finds powerful and specific examples in her research, communicates her insights with power, and translates her findings into powerful design concepts. Her work has a dedication to form-making that transgresses boundaries, relating soil, water, and social life in powerful and inventive ways.

a collage of colors

Mackenzie Luke | Rhode Island School of Design

NOMINATOR: Nancy Nichols, Critic at the Department of Architecture

Mackenzie is known amongst RISD architecture faculty and students for the quiet intensity she brings to her work. Her openness to experimentation in technique and her dedication to answering big questions through architectural research sets her apart as a uniquely gifted and promising student.

a colorful model

Chenhao Luo | Syracuse University

NOMINATOR: Daekwon Park, Undergraduate Chair

Chenhao tackles each project with an extraordinary rigor and unrivaled productivity. His body of work is primarily rooted in the urban domain, yet his approaches are as meticulous and precise as it is all-embracing and systematic.

people playing a boardgame

Emma Mangels | New York Institute of Technology

NOMINATOR: Dongsei Kim, Assistant Professor of Architecture and thesis coordinator

Emma is an excellent, personable, energetic leader with outstanding potential who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the built environment.

an elevation view of a building

Jonathan Marcos | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Jonathan is clearly a very talented, enthusiastic, and hardworking student. His designs and drawings often led the way for other students in my classes. He also brings a wonderful spirit and energy to our school community, and I know he will go on to great success in further academic and professional endeavors.

a building

Zephyr Martin | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: Jacklynn Niemiec, AIA, LEED AP, Assistant Professor

Zephyr is a force in our program and consistently raises the bar for design and visual representation among her peers. She stands out as a leader and always vocal with her design critique, in-class discussion, and peer support.

a building by the ocean

Ryan Del Poso | Woodbury University

NOMINATOR: Matthew Gillis, Professor

I’ve always been impressed by Ryan’s know-how—from how to design with principles of daylighting lighting to detailing and fabricating a restorative approach to a neighborhood justice center. The hallmark of Ryan’s character is his rigor and dedication. This extends from those areas where we easily see it (in graphic presentations and modeling capabilities) to integrity of thought.

a collage

Emily Ta | California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

NOMINATOR: Alexander Pang, Adjunct Faculty

Emily’s work is always thoughtful and demonstrates a care for people and places. She has been a ubiquitous presence within our school community, as teaching assistant, as gallery assistant, as mentor to younger students. Her skill and sensitivity as a designer are exceeded only by her willingness to be of help to all those around her.

a collage in red, yellow and green

Meghana Tummala | University of Michigan

NOMINATOR: Stratton Coffman, Studio Instructor

Meghana brings a great deal of care to the development of design ideas, in multiples senses. She is adept at identifying the primary moves that define a project, refining them to cultivating variation and produce subtle complexity.

a complex rendering

Hsin (Audrey) Wang | Pratt Institute

NOMINATOR: Keena Suh, Associate Professor

Audrey has excellent abilities to respond to and lead in academic, social, and professional settings through her open-mindedness, optimism, and empathy. She is passionate about the value of human interactions and designed environments that support them. Through her amiable and trustworthy character as well as her tireless dedication to supporting teamwork, she quickly garnered the respect of her peers.

a model of a building

Alysia Williams | Mississippi State University

NOMINATOR: Karen Cordes Spence, Ph.D., AIA, LEED AP, Director and Professor of the School of Architecture

Alysia approaches her education with an energy that communicates her desire to get everything she can out of her experiences. Her work is reflective, comprehensive, and goes beyond what is required. She understands what is critical and continually moves the conversations toward pursuing excellence in all architectural endeavors.

an aerial view of a floating settlement

Angelina Yihan Zhang | Syracuse University

NOMINATOR: Daekwon Park, Undergraduate Chair at Syracuse Architecture, Registered Architect, LEED AP

Ranging from a modular mobile housing proposal for Makoko, Lagos to a speculative design workbook for Amazon Fulfillment Center employees, Angelina tackles the contemporary issues of climate change, extreme habitation, social inequality, and technological influences through a systematic modular design approach.

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