Metropolis Future 100 Interior Design Graduates

Future100 Interior Design Graduate Winners

These are the top interior design graduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the Metropolis team. View the full 2023 Future100 cohort here.

a rendering of a kitchen

Abrar Alahmadi | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: William Mangold, Assistant Professor

Abrar is a stand-out designer and emerging leader in interior design. She has impressed me with her design sensibility and technical skill, as well as her enthusiasm and attentiveness to people and place.

a rendering of a building lobby

Afnan Bashaikh | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: William Mangold, Assistant Professor

Afnan has considerable design talent, as evidenced in winning the international award for kitchen design from Subzero Wolf, and in the quality of all her portfolio projects. She combines this talent with an outstanding work ethic and remarkable knowledge of design history and precedents, drawing upon a variety of references to inform her work.

a rendering of a cafe space

Lafayette Bonner | University of Florida

NOMINATOR: Roberto Rengel, Professor and Department Chair

Lafayette is interested in healthcare design as a potential path. He is a well-rounded student with excellent skills in pre-design, space planning, design visualization and construction documents. He has received prestigious student scholarships both internally (James McFarlane Endowed Scholarship) and externally (Hospitality Industry Network, Sunshine Chapter).

a rendering of a building in a park

Namita Chandrashekar | Parsons School of Design

NOMINATOR: Gökhan Kodalak, Part-time Lecturer

Namita is a holistic designer, whose animate interiors embody an anomalous combination of abundant generativity, meticulous analytical methodology, and mature ecological sensibility. She has a radical grasp of underlying forces that inform the built and natural environments and does not shy away from channeling hard-to-detect vectors and invisible field conditions into her elaborate designs.

a rendering of an atrium

Eunjung Choi | Iowa State University

NOMINATOR: Jae-Hwa Lee, Assistant Professor

I’ve had an opportunity to witness Eunjung’s creativity in various design problem-solving and enthusiasm for the development of three-dimensional visualization. Eunjung also showed a strong work ethic and the ability to manage her time well, which gave her the advantage to improve her final design presentation much more than her classmates.

a rendering of a building atrium

Sarah Choudhary | New York School of Interior Design

NOMINATOR: Joseph Goldstein, Adjunct professor at New York School of Interior Design and Principal of JGArchitects

Throughout the semester, Sarah was a pleasure to work with. Her talent and skills as a designer, renderer and animator are amongst the strongest I have seen in almost twenty years of teaching interior design.

a rendering of a green structure

Soorin Chung | George Washington University

NOMINATOR: Catherine Anderson, Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Without a doubt, Soorin is one of the best students I have had the opportunity to teach; continually, she exceeded my expectations. She possesses an analytical mind, which is very focused and organized. This is evident with her approach to a design project and in the way she presents her work. It is also a testament to her incredible work ethic, which is second to none.

Hannah Crutchfield | University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Lysa Janssen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Interior Design Program

Hannah is consistently one of our program’s most talented students. Hannah’s poised, articulate, and sophisticated aesthetic is showcased throughout her portfolio and design work – from her sense of graphic layout to her inventive use of light, color, texture, and pattern – her projects are beautiful, original, and award winning.

a rendering of hotel pool

Riham Hamed | University of Oklahoma

NOMINATOR: Mia Kile, Associate Professor

Riham has proved to be a talented and inquisitive young lady who is self-motivated and goal oriented. As an international student, Riham seeks to understand various approaches and viewpoints to design thinking. She shares her own experiences from her home country, Egypt, with her fellow cohort and is a collaborative member on team-based projects.

a rendering of a restaurant

Laura Huang | The Boston Architectural College

NOMINATOR: Sarah Redmore, Director of Undergraduate Interior Architecture

Laura is an outstanding student who works diligently to bring evidence-based research and creativity to her projects. She has worked as a Student Assistant in the School of Interior Architecture, and was professional, reliable and had strong collaborative skills.

a rendering of an immersive environment

Marija Ivic | University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Igor Siddiqui, Program Director for Interior Design

Marija brings both a global perspective to interiors as well as a wide range of interests that inform her design sensibility. While she imbues each design assignment with specificity and rigorous exploration, she has also developed a subtle but consistent aesthetic that she weaves through all her pursuits.

a rendering of a checkout counter

Allie Miller | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Kyuho Ahn, Head & Associate Professor

Allie is inspiring and very enthusiastic about designing architectural environments for people. She really understands human contexts in built-in environments. She has mastered many design and communication tools including, sketches, hand-on schematic model making, infographics for design analysis, furniture prototyping, digital and parametric modeling, and Building Information Modeling for construction documentation.

a rendering of a building lobby

Yasmin Mohamed | University of Kentucky

NOMINATOR: Hannah R.Dewhirst, Assistant Professor

Yasmin has been a student of mine in the Graduate School of Interiors at the College of Design, University of Kentucky, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past year. Yasmin has also acted as a teaching assistant for my first year Interiosr design studio, a position she has excelled at.

a rendering of a lounge

Amalia Morejon | Florida International University

NOMINATOR: Newton D’ Souza, Professor and Chair of the Interior Architecture Department

Amalia exemplifies both academic excellence and engagement in the interior design profession. As a graduate student Amalia has maintained a high GPA (4.00). She was the recipient of the Festival of Trees Merit-based Scholarship awarded each semester for best studio projects in the Department of Interior Architecture. She was also selected as the Miami Dade College Outstanding Student in Interior Design prior to joining FIU.

a rendering of a hotel lobby

Katherine Olson | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Vibhavari Jani, Professor

Katherine (Katie) is an award-winning, exceptionally creative, talented, empathetic, hard-working, and future-focused design student. She has designed workplace, hospitality, healthcare, retail, residential, and installation projects based on her evidence-based research on sustainability, inclusivity, and technology.

a diagram of a chair

Lindsay Peterson | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Linda Zimmer, Associate Professor Interior Architecture

Lindsay is a student in my current Interior Design studio and will be taking her final “comprehensive” design studio with me this winter and spring. She will graduate with degrees in both Architecture and Interior Architecture. In her current project, a Community Clubhouse for young adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities she has exhibited a keen ability to forge a spatially strong project while taking the sensitivities and abilities of our users into account.

a rendering of an art instalation

Peiwen Qin | University of Kentucky

NOMINATOR: Hannah Dewhirst, Assistant Professor

I have known Peiwen for the past two years, as she is a graduate student in the School of Interiors at the College of Design, University of Kentucky, and has been my student in a number of graduate courses during her studies here. Peiwen is a highly talented, creative student, with the ability to push complex ideas forward through her digital and physical work.

a rendering of an immersive experience

Kait Reynolds | University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Clay Odom, Graduate Advisor for Interior Design

I have seen Kait’s work both expand and deepen in its qualities of design, technological prowess, and conceptual rigor. She has consistently produced work at the top her studios. In my seminar, she began a line of inquiry exploring the role of advanced technologies, namely artificial intelligence, to produce surface, lighting and pattern in interior design.

a rendering of a building interior

Annabelle Schneider | Parsons School of Design

NOMINATOR: Michele Gorman, Director of the MFA Interior Design Program & Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects, and Technologies

Annabelle is a dual interior designer and strategist with an accomplished background in branding, spatial installations, and event design. Creating spaces with multi-sensory touchpoints to intensify user experiences is always her goal. Her empathetic and allegorical approach to the design process allows her to imagine, write and translate stories into immersive experiences.

a rendering of the interior of a classroom

Juliana Schwartz | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Michelle Wempe, Professor of Practice

Juliana’s design skills have grown tremendously during her time in our program as has her ability to think critically, research thoroughly and design with her head as well as her heart. She is a talented, motivated student who delves deeply into the initial phases of project research and concept development as she strives to create designs uniquely responsive to each problem.

a rendering of a building

Olia Voronezhskaia | Drexel university

NOMINATOR: William Mangold, Assistant Professor

Olia is a highly talented designer and has a capacity to see and engage critical social issues. As an immigrant to the US, she brings valuable insight to every project she is involved with. Olia has consistently developed creative design solutions that challenge our preconceived notions of the day-to-day experiences people have in various settings, including domestic spaces and public places.

a rendering of people playing soccer

Madara Wickremasinghe | Iowa State University

NOMINATOR: Yongyeon Cho, Assistant Professor IDEC, NCIDQ, LEED GA, WELL AP, Fitwel Ambassador

Madara is an exceptional interior design graduate student with an incredible work ethic as a student and instructor, a sophisticated sense of design, and a positive personality. Madara was one of our best students with a contagious positive attitude with acceptance of challenges, and she consistently produced exceptional work.

the inside of a gallery

Maggie Williams | George Washington University

NOMINATOR: Catherine Anderson , Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture, Director of Graduate Studies

I’ve had the distinct privilege of teaching Ms. Williams in Studio 1, the first semester she entered the Interior Architecture Program at the George Washington University. This foundational studio is difficult, due to the multiple demands of the course: a review of the history of architecture, up until the Renaissance; learning how to hand-draft; and most importantly, developing one’s voice and understanding of the design process.

a wheelchair user in a space

Olivia Zollo | FSU Interior Architecture and Design

NOMINATOR: Marlo Ransdell, Associate Professor in Interior Design

Ms. Zollo is focusing on her master’s degree in Interior Design and will graduate in 2023 after completing her bachelor’s degree with distinction at Florida State University in 2022. Her work and research into community housing and the needs of seasonal work employees has led to innovative ideas about how we work, live, and play together as a community.

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