Future100 Interior Design Graduate Winners

These are the top interior design Graduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the METROPOLIS team. View the full 2024 Future100 cohort here.

HELIA AMINI | Marymount University

NOMINATOR: Jessica Bonness, Assistant Professor, Marymount University

“Helia’s design concepts are rooted in superb technical knowledge and a strong research foundation. She is smart, diligent, and creative. Her work ethic, engagement, and potential are all truly impressive.”

LARI BITTMAN | Marymount University

NOMINATOR: Doug Seidler, Director, School of Design + Art, and Professor, Interior Architecture + Design, Marymount University

“Lari has consistently demonstrated a remarkable combination of raw talent, technical ability, and perseverance. This is most evident in her ability to design across projects, from a playful fantastical world in Dragon Land Daycare to Clarity, a thoroughly planned and meticulously designed multiuse refuge community center.”

BROOKE BOWER | The University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Igor Siddiqui, Interior Design Program Director, Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, and the Gene Edward Mikeska Endowed Chair, The University of Texas at Austin

“Brooke has the imagination of a visual artist and an embodied understanding of space one may expect from a classically trained dancer. She has developed a portfolio of projects reflective of an interior designer with an inspiring point of view poised to positively impact the built environment as well as the greater integrated whole.”

CHRISTA E. GORMAN | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Kendra Kirchmer, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

“Christa is an intensely creative student who engages fully in an iterative and tangible design process, endeavoring to produce designs that are singularly responsive to each issue, focusing on creating thoughtful and complete solutions.”

SANJANA GOPALAKRISHNAN | The New School, Parsons School of Design

NOMINATOR: Jennifer June, Adjunct Professor, Interior Design, School of Constructed Environments, Parsons School of Design

“Sanjana possesses a rare and admirable sensitivity towards playful design while remaining steadfastly committed to circular economies. Her enthusiasm and passion for creating innovative and purposeful spaces create an infectious energy, inspiring those around her to engage more deeply in the creative journey.”

HENRY HAMMES | Kansas State University

NOMINATOR: Michelle Wempe, Professor of Practice, Kansas State University

“Henry is a talented, motivated student who is able to create carefully choreographed solutions that fit the needs elegantly and creatively. He delves deeply into the initial phases of project research and concept development as he strives to create designs uniquely responsive to each problem.”

KILE HOTCHKISS | The New York School of Interior Design

NOMINATOR: Hans Galutera, Professor, New York School of Interior Design

“Kile exemplifies great promise as an interior design professional, showcasing meticulous research and an insightful approach to design. His ability to integrate architectural details, coupled with a clever interpretation of history and research, sets him apart.”

PAVITRA JAIRAJ | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Cory Olsen, Professor, University of Oregon

“In each of Pavitra’s projects there is a clear connection to the client and user experience, grounded in research and precedent as well as empathy. It is her grasp of human context that gives her work a welcome sensitivity across scales and environments.”

MALIK LOVETTE | University of Oregon

NOMINATOR: Linda Zimmer, Associate Professor, College of Design, School of Architecture & Environment, University of Oregon

“Malik brings a combined background as a college athlete and artist to his design work. He is a fantastic graphic communicator and a natural collaborator. He is an all-around designer who examines spaces at multiple scales.”

MADINA MASIMOVA | The New School, Parsons School of Design

NOMINATOR: Michele Gorman, Director, MFA Interior Design Program; Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects, and Technologies, The New School, Parsons School of Design

“From Azerbaijan, Madina brings a global perspective to interiors and technology and understands that the boundaries are fluid between our disciplines. She leads with optimism and joy on the future of design within the context of AI, design, and belonging.”

EVA NERI | Florida State University

NOMINATOR: Yelena McLane, Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Florida State University

“Eva is a bright, free-spirited, and talented designer. She weaves a diverse array of research interests—including ambient sound, music, and video—into multilayered designs that focus on physical and emotional well-being.”

TASHA SINGH | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: William Mangold, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University

“I have been extremely impressed with Tasha’s skill, enthusiasm, and consideration for people and place. She has noteworthy design talent, working both digitally and by hand, and she combines this talent with an outstanding work ethic and alacrity for research.”

NIHITHA SREENATH | Drexel University

NOMINATOR: William Mangold, Assistant Professor, Drexel University

“Nihitha has a deep set of talents allowing her to work smoothly and effectively to communicate her ideas in a variety of mediums from hand-drawing to digital. Her design work likewise shows a strong material sensibility as well as a sensitivity to people and their needs.”

MELIDA VALERA | New York School of Interior Design

NOMINATOR: Richard Todd Class, Assistant Dean, New York School of Interior Design

“Melida is a bright individual who is passionate about the design industry. She has a deep respect and appreciation for how things work and is diligent about learning and consistently strives to think outside of the box.”

NICOLLE VILLA | Boston Architectural College

NOMINATOR: Laura Tomlinson, Instructor, Boston Architectural College

“Nicolle is an attentive, detail-oriented student. She has fantastic interpersonal skills and a great eye for design and materiality. Her presentations always have a professional quality to them and represent her personal brand.”

JESSICA WILSEY | The University of Texas at Austin

NOMINATOR: Lysa Janssen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

“Jessica is an outstanding graduate student whose work has been awarded repeatedly for its design excellence. She brings a remarkable sensitivity to her extensive design research and to the study of human behavior to produce innovative, beautiful interiors.”

MINGMING ZHAO | Savannah College of Art and Design

NOMINATOR: Challie Schafer, Professor of Interior Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

“Mingming has chosen interior design to create beautiful and functional living environments that positively impact individuals and communities. Her design philosophy, rooted in cultural context and locality, aims to instill a sense of belonging and identity in users.”

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