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Calling all Responsible Disruptors in Architecture and Design!

Metropolis‘s Responsible Disruptors program is now open! The program honors A&D technology projects that represent a significant change for the better in realms like sustainability, health, and equity. Five winning projects will receive editorial coverage in Metropolis’s January/February 2023 issue and on, and receive special opportunities to showcase their work at Metropolis’s 2023 events and programs.

Disruption Can be Ethical and Responsible.

Disruption in technology is often associated with negative consequences like social disorder, environmental degradation, and economic marginalization. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg epitomized this spirit with his early motto: “Move fast and break things.” But disruption doesn’t have to be so harmful. When done right, it can encourage health, wellness, efficiency, and social justice, among many other positives.

Design Must Shape Responsible Disruption

The Metropolis Responsible Disruptors program will honor projects that create this type of positive disruption, encouraging healthy innovation in the worlds of architecture and design. Projects can include building materials, building systems, digital hardware or software, fabrication technologies, automation methods, and R&D initiatives, to name just a few possibilities. While completed projects are preferred, we will also consider in-progress projects or concepts.

Submit Now!

Project submittals should include a short description of the project, high-resolution jpeg images, and a list of contributors. The deadline for entries is 11:59pm ET on Monday, November 21.

Please submit your project here.

For questions, please contact [email protected]

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