Luxe Surfaces Handcrafted Wall-Coverings

New products by Patty Madden combine natural materials and artisanal techniques for an eco-friendly, high-end finish.

At first glance the three handmade wall-coverings Patty Madden will launch next month at HD Expo, in Las Vegas, seem like a departure for the designer. Unlike the vinyl products she has been designing for more than two decades for a variety of manufacturers, including the Luxe Surfaces brand, they are painstakingly handcrafted using natural materials and artisanal techniques.

But the products are really a continuation of a consistent design approach, one that has always sought to create a multilayered textural appearance in a two-dimensional medium. “I think the philosophy is very much the same,” Madden says. “The handmade product is a much higher-end look—it’s sort of like our couture line.”

That quality is the result of a two-year collab­oration with California-based manufacturer Silk Dynasty, which experimented with various pro­duction techniques to find the best vehicles for Mad­den’s designs. In the first method, wet plaster is pressed into templates using a long-abandoned plastering machine; then the sheets are dried and hand-painted to create a soft, durable, and slightly wrinkled wall-covering that looks and feels like embossed leather. In the other techniques, raised adhesive patterns are rubbed with fine Italian gold leaf or decorated with tiny crystal beads. All three versions have a three-dimensional texture and use water-based pigments and recycled paper for a luxurious and environmentally friendly product.


Cast-plaster and recycled-paper panels with water-based pigments, gold leaf, and crystal beads

No VOCs, durable for light-and medium-duty use

High-end hospitality and residential interiors

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