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The owners of the Oslo boutique Pur Norsk source the best in classic and contemporary Norwegian design.

When Lasse Altern Halvorsen and Marianne Lien took a six-month hiatus from their office jobs to tour the world in 2005, they were struck as much by what they didn’t see as what they did. Despite their country’s rich design heritage, Norwegian products were hard to come by abroad. So when they got back, they took it upon themselves to elevate the profile of homegrown talent by opening Pur Norsk, a small shop in Oslo dedicated exclusively to Norwegian design.

“Historically, we have not been as successful as our neighboring Scandinavian countries in nourishing and promoting our design culture,” Halvorsen says. “But that seems to be changing. There’s a renewed cultural optimism, and a new generation both here and abroad is looking to Norway for inspiration.” As are he and Lien, who stock their store with a mix of classic and contemporary designs—everything from lounge chairs and coat racks to pepper mills and galoshes. They have also begun producing their own line of items under the Pur Norsk brand. Currently, the online store accepts orders only from within Norway, but Halvorsen hopes to expand delivery service soon. Here he selects a few objects from his diverse inventory.

14 Thereses Gate, Oslo; (47) 22-46-40-45;

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