The Wig Light

From the mind of a student comes a commercially viable lighting design.


10.25 inches

25 inches

23.5 pounds

Making the transition from student designer to a professional with actual products on the market is rarely quick or easy. Which is why the story of Chris Hardy’s first mass-produced design is so remarkable. Last September, at a cocktail party in Miami, Hardy met a U.S. manager of the Italian lighting manufacturer FontanaArte and showed him some renderings of a lighting concept he had begun a couple years earlier, while still a student. The idea struck a chord: by early December, Hardy was traveling to New York for a meeting with the president of FontanaArte. Mere weeks after that, he was working with the manufacturer to get the light produced for Milan’s Euroluce exhibition in April. “It was kind of a whirlwind,” Hardy says. “Everything happened really quick.” But the design came together in time for the show and, according to Hardy, received a great response. “We think it’s going to be a big hit,” he says. Here, Hardy describes the finer points of his multilayered Wig light, which FontanaArte officially releases this month.

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