CES 2018: Watch Our Interviews With Three Smart Cities Experts

Metropolis interviewed experts from Honda, the City of Las Vegas, and Deloitte about how technology is changing cities.

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Launched last November, this driverless shuttle operates along a 3/5-mile loop in Las Vegas’s Fremont East entertainment district. It’s one of the city’s many transportation-related smart city initiatives. Courtesy the City of Las Vegas

Metropolis magazine visited CES this year—catch our latest coverage of smart cities, 3D printing, VR, and more, here.

While the idea of a “smart city” (with driverless cars, sustainable energy sources, and new opportunities for innovation and economic growth) seems far away, glimpses of it can already be seen today. Semi-driverless cars are already collecting data on streets that could be used for urban planning. Drone delivery prototypes are a reality. The City of Las Vegas, for instance, has a number of smart city initiatives that include an Open Data Portal and autonomous vehicle testing.

Throughout our time at this year’s CES, Metropolis talked to a number of experts at the cutting edge of these developments: Michael Sherwood, the IT director for the City of Las Vegas; Jim Keller, the senior manager and chief engineer of Honda R&D Americas, and Rana Sen, the leader of Deloitte’s public sector smart city initiatives. We pressed them on what the state of smart cities is today and what challenges lay down the road.

You can find our latest coverage of CES 2018 here.

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