Video: See How La Sagrada Família Will Progress in 2015

What’s in store for Gaudí’s perennially unfinished church in the upcoming year

Last year the Basílica of La Sagrada Família announced a definitive completion date for Antoni Gaudí’s perennially unfinished church. Construction would conclude by 2026, to mark the centennial of the master’s death. In defining this landmark, the foundation, which oversees the Sagrada Família and construction site, cemented the project’s realization as something of a global cause—a milestone not just for the city of Barcelona, but also civilization.

Accompanying the announcement was an animated fly-through that illustrated which portions of the church had yet to be built. Now, the Basílica has released a follow-up video that lays out upcoming construction milestones planned for this year and next. It seems that the focus will be to build up the church’s western perimeter along Carrer de Sardenya. Toward this end, the north Sacristy will be constructed, as will the dramatic Raking Cornice, the last piece needed to finish the Passion facade. Additionally, new stretches of stained glass windows will be installed in the cloister.

It’s arguable whether construction on Gaudí’s basilica should have progressed beyond the portions designed by the architect or those being built at the time of his death. The decision to take up the structure’s completion after the 1936 fire that consumed nearly all of the master’s plans, sketches, and models was similarly questionable, perhaps even heedless. More recently, critics have expressed concern about newer additions, which, though ostensibly based on Gaudí’s broad outlines, owe their treatment to contemporary architects and artists.

Expect things to heat up as we edge closer to 2026.

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