30 Architects Reenvision Manhattan in a Post-Sharing World

Storefront for Art & Architecture has placed 30 fantastic drawings—from Tatiana Bilbao, SO-IL, TEN Arquitectos and more—up for online auction.

All images courtesy Storefront for Art and Architecture

The Storefront for Art & Architecture‘s ongoing exhibition, Sharing Models: Manhattanisms, imagines 30 alternative Manhattans, as envisioned by international architects including TEN Arquitectos, SO-IL, and Tatiana Bilbao. Stunning and diverse, the illustrations reveal how each of these architects is grappling with the question of the sharing economy and the technologies that support it—how they may change the way we inhabit and build cities in the future—while also beautifully representing his/her individual aesthetic.

The New York–based non-profit recently put up the drawings from the show for online auction, all proceeds of which will go to supporting continued Storefront programming. The auction ends Friday, September 2nd.


UN_CRAMMING: Re-Visiting the Midtown Rezoning
Starting Bid: $300

Asymptote Architecture

Deep_Future_Manhattan Sky_Lattice
Starting Bid: $300

Atelier Manferdini

The Sixth Burrow
Starting Bid: $300

Bureau V

Starting Bid: $300

Buro Koray Duman

New Babylon 2.0
Starting Bid: $300

Matilde Cassani

Fort Tryon Park Center for Rituals
Starting Bid: $300


New Rock: Terra Era
Starting Bid: $300

Future Firm

Where the Borough Ends
Starting Bid: $300

Huff + Gooden Architects

Spook, or Architecture and Imitation of Life
Starting Bid: $300

Höweler + Yoon

Reserve Buoyancy
Starting Bid: $300

Leong Leong

A City for the Newer Age
Starting Bid: $300


Sharing Metabolism: A Speculative Policy for Manhattan
Current Bid: $300

Manuel Herz Architects

City of Things
Starting Bid: $300


Key Party: City as Home
Starting Bid: $300


Sharing is Caring(?)
Starting Bid: $300

The Open Workshop

Triptych to the Life and Death of the Buffer Zone, Peer-to-Pier
Starting Bid: $300

Renato Rizzi

Current Bid: $500


Beyond The Totems
Starting Bid: $300


Noah’s Ark
Starting Bid: $300

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio + Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes 

Magnetic Fields
Starting Bid: $300

TEN Arquitectos

Starting Bid: $300

See all 30 drawings up for auction here.

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