70 Years Matthew Haworth|70 Years Matthew Haworth

70 Years of Haworth (Note)

Company chairman Matthew Haworth reflects on 70 years of innovation.

70 Years Matthew Haworth
Dick Haworth is the Chairman emeritus.

I’d like to dedicate this issue to my dad.

It’s for all the reasons you would expect, but it’s different because we get to work together too. I truly believe that the Haworth of today works with a passion that is inspired, encouraged, and cultivated by him and anchored in our values.

At Haworth, we are obsessed with space. We were born in West Michigan, have grown to be a global family, and are diving into the world of digital space. When we were working to introduce the pre-wired panel in the 1970s, we lobbied electrical code enforcers city by city. Our passion is place and our favorite thing to do is share it with you.

Today, Haworth’s organic space capabilities around the world are a result of everything that my father and grandfather helped build. More importantly, the work we do every day with you is what will fuel our next 70 years. We are excited to dig deeper to leverage quality of space where you work, live, play, learn, and heal.

I invite you to dive into this special issue of Metropolis. It’s full of our stories with clients, family, friends, dealers, members, and more. It’s how 70 years of innovation will continue to guide Haworth toward the future.

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