10 Emerging Designers Charting New Territories in 2014

Ten emerging designers, handpicked by leading industry figures from around the world

The META-Follies project by London-based architects ecoLogicStudio melds biomorphic form and cloud computing into an interactive installation.

Courtesy ecoLogicStudio

Sound, bio-design, computation, development policy, urbanism—the range of fields that design’s rising stars draw upon in their work is mind-bogglingly diverse. The ten new talents that we have gathered here—each one handpicked by industry leaders, mentors, and critics—dabble in areas that often have little to do with their training.

Among this year’s list are architects who make clothes, and a fashion designer who works much like a scientist. Art is married with landscapes; craft traditions are melded into the contemporary furniture industry; biologists hold key insights for sustainable cities. It is this kind of cross-pollination that will uncover entirely new frontiers for design.

Nominated by A+R
Yuri Suzuki
Nominated by Issey Miyake
Jenny Sabin
​Nominated by Inga Saffron
Julia King
Nominated by Vishaan Chakrabarti
Iris Van Herpen​
Nominated by Brooke Hodge
Chad Rochkind
​Nominated by Eric Cesal
Cao Perrot Studio
Nominated by Diane Balmori
Rui Alves
​Nominated by Jerry Helling
Nominated by Sarah Herda
Nominated by Carlo Ratti


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