Metropolis’s Best of 2018: The Year’s 6 Biggest Design Trends

“Deco Noir,” “Nordic Redux,” “Trompe L’oeil’—these were just some of the hottest trends Metropolis editors spotted across the year’s design fair debuts.

metropolis 2018 top design trends
TALIESIN 1 by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation with Cassina Courtesy Cassina

As 2018 concludes, we’re revisiting this year’s top stories: from products to drawings, buildings, controversies, and more. Enjoy the selection below, but be sure to find our other “Best of 2018” lists as they come online!

The design world isn’t unlike the fashion industry: styles and inspirations dominate then dissipate. It can be hard to stay abreast of these shifts, but Metropolis has your back. We’ve kept a weather eye on all the year’s design fair debuts, distilling the top trends below.

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