New Year’s Resolutions from the METROPOLIS Community

The METROPOLIS team asked our A&D community about their goals for 2024—here’s what they said.

From slowing down and connecting with nature, to exploring creativity through new mediums, to reducing waste and lowering carbon footprints, the METROPOLIS community has a lot in mind for 2024. We asked our followers and A&D community members to share their New Year’s resolutions with us. Check them out below for inspiration for the year ahead.

Happy New Year from METROPOLIS!

“Make more time for creativity.” —Lori Paine, Paine Atelier

“Find joy in the smallest ways, everyday.” —Gabrielle Mote, ASD | SKY

“I pick up trash almost daily. I aim to get people together to also pick up trash so the trash does not enter the Mississippi River and watershed.” —Mollie O’Connor, senior architect/senior associate, DLR Group

“Make time for more creative processes and enhancing visual communications. Try new apps and up my social media game.” —Anna Sipprell, Marketing Manager, Parameters

“To continue to show up as the HEALTH Practitioner and hold the space for form follows function regarding the occupants of built spaces and the spaces the buildings occupy.” —Daniel Brafman, founder, Universal Human. Health

“To get to painting and sculpting regularly to re-energize my creative mind.” —Joel Wilbur, Regional Operations Leader, DLR Group

“Find new innovative ways to design architecture by traveling more and exposing myself to different types of design.” —Marjorie Tello-Wong, architecture student at the University of Pennsylvania

“In 2024 I plan to unplug for a weekend each season to hike 100 miles of Ice Age Trail to observe the patterns of nature and stay grounded throughout the year.” —Barbara Hass, founder, Policroma LLC

“Less negative impact, leave the world more sustainable.” —Nira Wattanachote, senior associate, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design 

“I want to be able to create something that will have a lasting impact, not just within our generation but generations to come.” —Martin Castro Leal, designer, DLR Group

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