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Thanks to Modernist forebears like Ralph Rapson, Minnesota continues to be a fertile ground for many original architecture and design practices.

Minnesota Design Metropolis Magazine 2018
The interior of Marcel Breuer’s magnificent Abbey Church (1961) at Saint John’s University, one of the many projects that architectural historian and author Larry Millett discusses in his article, Uncovering Minnesota’s Influential Modernist Past. Courtesy Paul Crosby/Saint John’s Abbey Church

For its March 2018 issue, Metropolis Magazine explored the three great North American design regions: The Pacific Northwest, North Carolina, and Minnesota. We looked at each area’s deep historic connections to architecture and design, as well as the contemporary practices thriving there today. Stay tuned to our homepage as March issue articles go online; you also find the latest updates here.

The five articles below highlight the best and latest from Minnesota.

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